Community Programs

At TARS we are committed to giving back and helping our community. Helping animals starts with helping those people that care for them. We run programs to help our community desex their cats, train their dogs, learn new skills to better understand how to care for their pet, and assist with day to day care for their pets.

Last Litter Program

The Last Litter program assists families struggling with the finances of desexing to ensure their cat’s litter is it’s last. We cover 100% of the costs to desex the adult cat, in exchange for the kittens which we then rehome after their vet work is completed.

Cat and Kitten Amnesty

In March 2022 it will become illegal in Tasmania for any cat or kitten to be sold or given away privately without full vet work being completed. We will be conducting regular amnesties throughout Tasmania to allow people to safely and legally surrender their cats to us without needing vet work completed.

Private Dog Training and Guidance

Have you just welcomed a new dog or puppy to the family? Or do you have an existing dog with some training or behavioural issues? We offer cost-effective basic guidance and training to help with a number of issues.