Cat and Kitten Amnesty

New laws are coming to Tasmania in 2022. Get all the information you need here:

Upcoming Amnesty Dates

No amnesty events planned at this stage.

How do I attend an Amnesty?

Follow the instructions below to surrender your cat or kittens to us:

  • Kittens without a mother should be at LEAST 6 weeks of age. If your kittens are not 6 weeks of age please consider surrendering the mother with them or keeping them until the next amnesty. If you must surrender younger kittens without a mother, please contact us prior to ensure we have the equipment necessary to care for the kittens on the drive.
  • Have any vet and medical histories ready to surrender with them. Desexing, microchipping, vaccination, worming and flea treatment histories are necessary for us to have. If your cat has had no vet work or parasite treatment that is fine, just let us know.
  • Please consider making a donation of cat food or litter along with your cat or kitten to help us care for them.
  • Only pet cats are accepted, no strays or ferals.
  • We are on a strict schedule and cannot wait around. If you are not at the specified location at the specified time, we are not responsible if you miss us, even by a few minutes.
  • Please let us know in advance if you will be attending an amnesty. We will welcome people who have not contacted us in advance, but it helps us organise things better if we know how many cats and kittens will be at each location.
  • Ensure your cats are transported in an appropriate carrier or box. We don’t need to keep the carrier if you need it back, but it is not safe or sensible to carry kittens in your lap for the drive to us.
  • Look for the white Nissan Navara ute with canopy with the TARS Banner. Maintain social distancing.

Our Amnesty Results

28th and 29th December 2021

West coast and midlands of Tasmania

41 cats in total taken in, and 12 Last Litter Vouchers given out.